Monitoring Actors at Runtime


The squbs-actormonitor module attaches monitoring to each actor in the actor system. For large number of actors, this can get intrusive. The number of actors to monitor can be configured through application.conf. Use judgement attaching this module in production. There is no user API to this module.


Add the following dependency to your build.sbt or scala build file:

"org.squbs" %% "squbs-actormonitor" % squbsVersion


Each actor has a corresponding JMXBean(org.squbs.unicomplex:type=ActorMonitor,name=%actorPath) to expose the actor information:

 trait ActorMonitorMXBean {
  def getActor: String
  def getClassName: String
  def getRouteConfig : String
  def getParent: String
  def getChildren: String
  def getDispatcher : String
  def getMailBoxSize : String


The following is the configuration entries for squbs-actormonitor:

squbs-actormonitor = {
  maxActorCount = 500
  maxChildrenDisplay = 20

A JMX Bean org.squbs.unicomplex:type=ActorMonitor exposes the configuration of Actor Monitor. The JMX Bean is read-only.

trait ActorMonitorConfigMXBean {
  def getCount : Int                //Count of JMX bean has been created 
  def getMaxCount: Int              //Maximum JMX bean can be created
  def getMaxChildrenDisplay: Int        //Per each actor, maximum children can be exposed