Contributing to squbs

We love your contributions. Please use the steps below to determine the path of contribution.


We all should discuss new ideas before they turn into code. The squbs gitter chat is a great starting point for such discussions. Once we get to a certain conclusion, please file an issue in the issue tracker with reference to the forum discussion.


If you have determined you are facing a bug or defect, please log the bug in the issue tracker. If the bug has any reference to forum discussions, please add the reference to the forum discussion.

Contribution Process

The standard way of contributing ideas/features and bug fixes is by pull requests.

  • Make sure you have an active github account.
  • Fork the squbs repo into your account.
  • Make modifications to the master branch. If the contribution is a bug fix that needs to go into a release branch, please provide that as a comment on the pull request (below).
  • Provide test cases and ensure the test coverage of the added code and functionality.
  • If the change impacts documentation, please provide documentation fixes or additional documentation for the feature.
  • Commit and push your contributions. The commit message must reference the issue solved by this commit.
  • Please squash multiple commits for a single feature and bug fix into a single commit.
  • Make a pull request. For bug fixes that need to go into a current release, please note so in the pull request comments.
  • We'll review your pull requests and use github to communicate comments. Please ensure your email account in github is accurate as it will be used to communicate review comments.
  • If modifications are required, please squash your commits after making the modifications to update the pull request.
  • We merge the pull request after successful submission and review, and close the issue. In case of bug fixes that need to go into a current release branch, we'll do the proper cherry-pick.
  • Upon successful merge and regression tests, the SNAPSHOT artifact reflecting the change will be published on maven central snapshot repository.


We place great value on traceability of all changes. All features must have use cases and have been discussed publicly in the forum. Issues filed for such features MUST have a reference to the forum discussion in form of the discussion URL or the issue will not be accepted. Similarly, every commit MUST have a reference to the issue it resolves. This can be addressed either in form of the issue id or a URL to the issue. Pull requests with commit messages not referencing the issue will not be merged.

Generally, it is a good practice to reflect a single issue in a pull request. Multiple issues fixed by a single pull request will be accepted only if these cannot be separated into individual commits and individual pull requests reflecting each issue separately.

Thank you very much in advance!